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Mercedes 450 SEL #00430/0123#

Mercedes 450 SEL

In this remarkable restoration journey, we bring you the revival of a classic Mercedes 450 SEL from Macau. This iconic car arrived in deplorable condition, but our passion and expertise were up to the task. Join us as we chronicle the transformation of its bodywork, restoration of its aging engine, and the meticulous work on its paint and interior. Witness a classic restoration with genuine parts, ensuring it shines brightly once again on the streets of Macao.

Resurrecting Luxury: The Mercedes 450 SEL Restoration by Alcalà Technology

Join us on a cinematic journey from rust to timeless elegance as Alcalà Technology transforms the legendary Mercedes 450 SEL. From Macau's lively streets to our skilled hands in Girona, this is the epic tale of restoration. With echoes of history and a promise of rebirth, we preserve original components, revive the engine's power, meticulously restore the body, and apply a masterful paint job. The result? A spectacular rebirth of the Mercedes 450 SEL