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FORD MUSTANG #50059/0723#

Ford Mustang '70

Welcome to Alcalà Technology, your trusted destination for the restoration and customization of classic vehicles. Today we want to share with you the exciting story of our latest project: the restoration of a 1970 Ford Mustang.

This iconic car has gone through a meticulous restoration process at our facilities, where we have focused on restoring it to its former splendor and enhancing all its original features.

One of the first areas we focused on was the bodywork. We work hard to remove all traces of wear and oxidation, giving it a flawless appearance. During this stage, we carry out a replacement of the upholstered roof, using the same paint that covers the rest of the body. This detail not only gives it a uniform appearance, but also highlights the authenticity of the vehicle.

In addition, we delve into the underbody of the Mustang, where we make sure to only use original parts for its restoration and replacement. Each component was carefully selected to ensure the quality and optimal performance of the car. Our goal was to maintain the integrity of the original design and make sure the Mustang performs like it did on the first day.

Painting was another crucial aspect of this project. Our team of paint experts worked on an exclusive one-of-a-kind color for our beloved client, to achieve a flawless finish that highlights the beauty and classic essence of the car. Each coat of paint was applied with precision and care, giving the Mustang a jaw-dropping appearance that will leave everyone speechless.

Of course, we couldn’t forget about the heart of this powerful car: the engine. We are dedicated to repairing and improving its performance to ensure that its sound is truly music to the ears of any enthusiast. Our mechanical experts worked tirelessly to keep the engine running optimally, providing an exceptional and emotional driving experience.

After our tune-up, the 1970 Ford Mustang displays a finesse in its handling that will transport you to another era. Every turn of the steering wheel and every step on the accelerator feels like a tribute to classic automotive craftsmanship. The combination of high-quality restoration, original parts, and the dedication of our team has resulted in a Mustang that will give you the true thrill of driving a classic.

At Alcalà Technology, we are proud to have carried out this exceptional restoration and restore the 1970 Ford Mustang to its original essence. If you’re looking for a reliable place to restore or customize your classic vehicle, don’t hesitate to visit us. We’re here to make your automotive dreams come true and preserve the timeless beauty of iconic automobiles.